Thursday, January 29

Realities Of Long Vacations

I didn't fully understand what a Chinese New Year celebration meant.
I love the fireworks that go off randomly and how I am sure I have heard at least 3 per day.
I love how the temples are crowded and people all over are enjoying family time.
I love how there is no school and I can go explore the city and go to the zoo!!
I love how I can read my days away if I want to. haha

What I do not love is that our water pipes were not working right and so it took 3 days until they were back to normal.
I do not love that my cable is out on my TV meaning that I can not watch the shows that I usually miss because of class. Mine still does not work but I noticed our security guard downstairs was enjoying all of his favorite shows even on the day he said the whole building was out. (My neighbor was also watching theirs comfortably.)
I do not love how I tried using the internet to watch dramas (since my cable's out) but it seems to be moving slower than ever...

**I also do not love how the stores and restaurants closed early and I was forced to use what I had to cook.....but that was my fault. I was reading forever and completely failed to look at the time, ;p

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