Thursday, January 8

Program Differences

I know that a lot of people want to leave the states and learn things in a foreign country. Here is something to remember:

Study abroad:
A situation that allows you to study in a foreign land without needing any language skills. You are here to study whatever you want. hard. You can enjoy the place you are in but learning the language is not the ultimate goal.

Foreign Exchange:
This is that beautiful program that allows you to become the world's greatest at the language of your choice country. Your focus can be the language and most likely you will be taught in the language.

sometimes the study abroad may be intensive language but...
Just know that this is based off of my experience and some companies may be different.

Also know that if you were looking for total immersion in china DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH at all costs. It is very much an English speaking country. Most people are shy of their skills so they will avoid you. The rest are hunting for someone to teach them English, even though they are fluent. Yes. Fluent.

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cocoluvsjapan said...

I see yeah, and every country is different too esp. with the way you might be treated too. The thing that I learned the most is that everyone is going to have a different perspective so you can't take one's perspective to heart. You can only be aware of them. Hahah we've changed so much.

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