Saturday, June 13

Goodbye Dinner

In Chengdu I didn't go to our programs goodbye dinner because my friends took me out. i was so glad to experience a last night with friends...Chinese friends haha

So this time around I actually went to the dinner and met with my teachers and other students for the last time. It was great. I was able to sit by some good people that only ate the right amount of food lol
Seriously, have you ever been to a group dinner in which you share all of the dishes, but some people act as if they've never eaten in Life!! The food was very good and I was surprised because, to be honest, I didn't like big restaurants in Shanghai. Their food is usually too sweet.

So as we were all taking pictures and talking one of my teachers said, "Is that it?" And I told him we don't really say goodbye because we all have facebook hahaha
True that we may never see each other in person again, but if we need something we finally have a stable technology that can let us keep in touch.


The morning that I was supposed to leave, I called up my friend that is studying abroad in Bristol. I gave her a video tour of my host home and she got to see my host mom and brother. (My host dad's hours changed to I couldn't even say goodbye.) I left their home with Ayi and went to school. My friends had reserved a van to take us all to the airport. It was only 50 yuan per person. It was actually quite a ride! I hadn't noticed when arriving in Shanghai but a taxi would have cost waaaaaaay to much lol

At the airport we were all scared of our bags being too heavy because we definitely shopped a lot. Not like we bought too much, more like we don't remember how much we bought because we shopped at random and on purpose so much we just lost track...O.O

My plane in particular was on time. I got to LAX that I'd been hating on, but customs went by so fast this time that I was confused. I let them transfer my luggage and then I had a full 4 hrs to kill. What did I do? I got picked up by my amazing friends and we went for pizza and as much story telling as I possibly could. Then it was time to get back to Las Vegas...boooo.

My plane was actually on time. ( I'm starting wonder if everything is ok in the airline industry. I usually wait on random delays...) The problem was my parentals forgot that I was coming into town. I waited an hour and then called. When I finally got picked up I went straight to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and got a dozen. All mine. Don't touch.

And how did I feel? Like I was in the wrong place. I wanted to go back to China. I missed my friends the moment I said goodbye. And now I'm broke, jobless, and friendless...I think I planned my return wrong O.O

(I also have summer school. My next posts will be about my reverse culture shock. I must tell you about all of my withdrawals haha)

Wednesday, June 10

Next Plan In Life

Hello all of my amazing readers.

I am going to study abroad in Japan. I am hunting for jobs and scholarships everyday but I have yet to find a non-temp job and scholarships? Those all take so much time and are very tricky to win. Trust me. Thankfully I have found a way to fund raise for myself so if you can ( or you know somebody who can) Please help me get what it takes to live in Japan for 12months.

The total is $33,300 and the program I will be using is CIEE Tokyo. I'm going to take classes with local Japanese students this time around. I think that will boost my skills faster. I will upload their site so you can see exactly what I'm getting into. I will also upload the site that should direct you to my fund raiser.

Thank you so much! I will definitely blog about Japan and I will try to make sure it's better than this one. (Talking about how I still haven't adequately updated the last few days in China and the reverse culture shock of being home.) But not to worry! I have a lot more time now and I will start back up tomorrow.

Love ya!

CIEE page:


P.S. I have only read 3 blogs of past participants but none have been able to network with me a little to know more about the program, so if you are a past participant, please let me know if you can answer some of my questions. Thanks again.
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