Monday, July 20

Low Down Dirty Shame

I am taking ENG 102 at the moment and the topic for one of my essays is vulgarity in the media. I must say that the young will never cease to amaze me. I know I'm young myself but I seem to be the only one my age that finds it classy or "hip" to be well mannered. I have been in my friends' households and seen with my own eyes, heard with my own ears, them cursing to or around their mothers. This is not to say that they are cursing at their mothers or calling them out of their title, but I wouldn't do this myself.

While I was working I overheard a few of my elderly coworkers complaining about the youth's disrespect and i just have to agree. It only leads me back to how much the youth is allowing the media to influence them. Although night time TV is for adults, there are many youngsters that have considered that the best time to watch TV because "none of the kiddy stuff is on."

In China there are a few choice swear words that are used without thinking much of it, but it is a very small pool. Then again i don't think they have that many to begin with. This could be my own lack in fluency, but the only time I encountered a lot of foul language I found it in a book. ( Yes I was reading novels and learned to curse from them.) It was unconscious at first because I just copied what sounded funny (Which I have always told myself is a shame and should never be done. Funny how the inappropriate words of all languages appeal to an outsider.) , but when I learned the true meanings of the words, I used them less and less. I didn't cut it all out right from the start because "it sounds funny"!

I'm glad not to have heard vulgarity 24/7 of my stay. It allowed me to seem well learned. I know that vulgarity also includes sexual nuances, but ever since China decided to try to defeat an evil, there hasn't been as outrageous of an outbreak as here. I applaud them for banning porn and whatever else just goes overboard.

***This does not mean they don't dress in any salacious ways. I have seen a majority in the mini mini department.

***I hope companies will stop subbing children's Chinese movies with foul English. We don't even have that in our own children's shows. Why mess up theirs?

Friday, July 17

Personal Sale!

I just realized that China did not participate in the past time of "garage sale" or "yard sale"! (Not like most places would have the space.)

I know that sound strange but this past weekend we had one and I was trying to get my mother to back out of the pricing part. Why? Because she made everything sand grain cheap!! I tried to persuade her to start the prices at a good price just below stores and then let people bargain, but low and behold some people in this country are so dirty they would say "how about $1."...

Are you serious? Even though we are in an economic crisis they had money to drive to our place and then the nerve to say "$5??!! Oh No!"
My mother let most people go and just sold the stuff, but the next time we have one, I will be the one calling the shots. It is not illegal to go trash digging so, those cheapos can just do that. and I will point them right into the direction of our garbage cans. (Bitter much? I just don't like people trying to make a fool of me or my family.)

I have been job hunting like no tomorrow up until last week. I have already landed a position, that I still don't know, for an exhibition company. We start paid training next week and should officially open during August. I am in the third stage of working with a hotel on the strip that will open in December. I applied for guest services representative and let them know that I'm fluent in Japanese and Chinese. Last but not least I feel that the interview for an attorney's office went well.

It's mainly because of the first two that I've stopped hunting. Although I want to start working today, I realize that a company will mark me unfaithful if I only work with them until August. No worries though. The plan has not gone completely wrong. I have some temporary work throughout the summer because I work in convention services. I can always wait until August and work full time for the exhibition company. School will start on Aug. 24th and then I will cut down to part-time unless they're willing to work with my schedule.

The problem lies with my December job in the casino. (I'm being positive that I'll get it.) I didn't realize that it was full time and thought, "It starts in December! That means I'll have a job during Christmas break!!" What I didn't think of is :
1. I am officially hired already for one place. How can I balance the two schedules?
2. I start school in January. That means I need to balance 3 schedules.
3. Because of my work ethic and desire to be held in high esteem, I won't want to quit from either.
4. I am not in the position to quit a job because I need to pay off school as I go. I refuse to do the loan thing. (My personal choice.)
I sure do make my life a bit more difficult each year.

I was doing good in China! I found a job/jobs with ease and I balanced school accordingly. Maybe it's because I was forced to live alone and I had paid for the year pretty much all in advance...


I'll finish this post off with school. Thank the Lord I passed Accounting and now I am less tempted to switch my major.
I went on a scholarship hunt specifically for my language skills. I realize now that if I want money for speaking these languages I should switch my major to Asian studies or one of the languages. The thing is my school doesn't have Chinese or Japanese majors. Therefore I would choose to go to ASU Arizona State University. I think I'll try to talk to someone in that major that goes there and see what they think.

I need a college networking site. I want to be able to contact the people in another university even if it's in another country.

I'm not asking for anyone to hand me a silver platter, I'm just asking where I can get one.

Friday, July 3

A Stressful Summer Session

So almost as soon as I came back from China I decided that it would be a good idea to catch up in the summer. I took 4 classes people. It was too hectic. Today is the last day for my managerial accounting and political science class.

I have no intentions of becoming an accountant but low and behold I got a teacher who wants to "make a man out of" us...ok not a man, but an accountant. He is a completely harsh grader. This is my second time taking his class. When I got a 68% D last time, I figured the problem lied in my studies. This time (I don't have my grade yet) it seems like I know my stuff but there are little things here and there (like showing my calculations) that he takes big points off for. My second to last test I had my statements right and he goes but you didn't show your work. So I got a 70% on that test. He decided to make the final 25 multiple choice questions worth 12 pts each. I think this is completely unfair because when you miss one, you miss 12.

My political science exam was an essay so I was happy because it is there that I can truly show off what I've learned. After coming back to the U.S. I became interested in politics. Mostly because I learned so much about China's.

I have a research project due tomorrow for my English class and then that is over. And last but not least, Math....... will still drag on for another 2wks.

I am an international business major but I feel like giving up if I can't pass the business classes withmore than a C. So far I have only taken Business 101 and Accounting 201 for my major but I could only pass with Cs. I feel like I'm failing at life.

For one; I have no money because of study abroad and I had to scrimp and pinch for this semester.
Two; I may not take anymore school until the spring[or ever] because scholarships hate me. My parents must also hate me because they just refuse to help me out and fill out FAFSA so that I can get government grants.
Three; I refuse to be tricked into loans. I have no way to pay them back, so I just won't sign up.
Four; I have no friends in my major. I learn so much better when I can converse about a subject with someone from my class. Or someone who's taken the class...
Five; I am having serious China withdrawals. I speak in Chinese when I'm stressed and yet there's no one to listen.

Ok I'll let this go for now. I was contemplating starting a whining blog...but believe it or not, I'd rather be positive.
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