Monday, July 20

Low Down Dirty Shame

I am taking ENG 102 at the moment and the topic for one of my essays is vulgarity in the media. I must say that the young will never cease to amaze me. I know I'm young myself but I seem to be the only one my age that finds it classy or "hip" to be well mannered. I have been in my friends' households and seen with my own eyes, heard with my own ears, them cursing to or around their mothers. This is not to say that they are cursing at their mothers or calling them out of their title, but I wouldn't do this myself.

While I was working I overheard a few of my elderly coworkers complaining about the youth's disrespect and i just have to agree. It only leads me back to how much the youth is allowing the media to influence them. Although night time TV is for adults, there are many youngsters that have considered that the best time to watch TV because "none of the kiddy stuff is on."

In China there are a few choice swear words that are used without thinking much of it, but it is a very small pool. Then again i don't think they have that many to begin with. This could be my own lack in fluency, but the only time I encountered a lot of foul language I found it in a book. ( Yes I was reading novels and learned to curse from them.) It was unconscious at first because I just copied what sounded funny (Which I have always told myself is a shame and should never be done. Funny how the inappropriate words of all languages appeal to an outsider.) , but when I learned the true meanings of the words, I used them less and less. I didn't cut it all out right from the start because "it sounds funny"!

I'm glad not to have heard vulgarity 24/7 of my stay. It allowed me to seem well learned. I know that vulgarity also includes sexual nuances, but ever since China decided to try to defeat an evil, there hasn't been as outrageous of an outbreak as here. I applaud them for banning porn and whatever else just goes overboard.

***This does not mean they don't dress in any salacious ways. I have seen a majority in the mini mini department.

***I hope companies will stop subbing children's Chinese movies with foul English. We don't even have that in our own children's shows. Why mess up theirs?

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Anonymous said...

No, you're not the only youngster who thinks it's classy to be well-mannered. Then again, I'm pushing thirty, so I guess I'm not that young, lol. Ironically, I usually complain about how disresptectful the youngsters are, and I'm not much older than they are, lol. You would think I was an old lady or something!

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