Friday, July 17

Personal Sale!

I just realized that China did not participate in the past time of "garage sale" or "yard sale"! (Not like most places would have the space.)

I know that sound strange but this past weekend we had one and I was trying to get my mother to back out of the pricing part. Why? Because she made everything sand grain cheap!! I tried to persuade her to start the prices at a good price just below stores and then let people bargain, but low and behold some people in this country are so dirty they would say "how about $1."...

Are you serious? Even though we are in an economic crisis they had money to drive to our place and then the nerve to say "$5??!! Oh No!"
My mother let most people go and just sold the stuff, but the next time we have one, I will be the one calling the shots. It is not illegal to go trash digging so, those cheapos can just do that. and I will point them right into the direction of our garbage cans. (Bitter much? I just don't like people trying to make a fool of me or my family.)

I have been job hunting like no tomorrow up until last week. I have already landed a position, that I still don't know, for an exhibition company. We start paid training next week and should officially open during August. I am in the third stage of working with a hotel on the strip that will open in December. I applied for guest services representative and let them know that I'm fluent in Japanese and Chinese. Last but not least I feel that the interview for an attorney's office went well.

It's mainly because of the first two that I've stopped hunting. Although I want to start working today, I realize that a company will mark me unfaithful if I only work with them until August. No worries though. The plan has not gone completely wrong. I have some temporary work throughout the summer because I work in convention services. I can always wait until August and work full time for the exhibition company. School will start on Aug. 24th and then I will cut down to part-time unless they're willing to work with my schedule.

The problem lies with my December job in the casino. (I'm being positive that I'll get it.) I didn't realize that it was full time and thought, "It starts in December! That means I'll have a job during Christmas break!!" What I didn't think of is :
1. I am officially hired already for one place. How can I balance the two schedules?
2. I start school in January. That means I need to balance 3 schedules.
3. Because of my work ethic and desire to be held in high esteem, I won't want to quit from either.
4. I am not in the position to quit a job because I need to pay off school as I go. I refuse to do the loan thing. (My personal choice.)
I sure do make my life a bit more difficult each year.

I was doing good in China! I found a job/jobs with ease and I balanced school accordingly. Maybe it's because I was forced to live alone and I had paid for the year pretty much all in advance...


I'll finish this post off with school. Thank the Lord I passed Accounting and now I am less tempted to switch my major.
I went on a scholarship hunt specifically for my language skills. I realize now that if I want money for speaking these languages I should switch my major to Asian studies or one of the languages. The thing is my school doesn't have Chinese or Japanese majors. Therefore I would choose to go to ASU Arizona State University. I think I'll try to talk to someone in that major that goes there and see what they think.

I need a college networking site. I want to be able to contact the people in another university even if it's in another country.

I'm not asking for anyone to hand me a silver platter, I'm just asking where I can get one.

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