Wednesday, January 21

The Help We Don't Receive

At times during this trip I figured I needed help from other people who have studied here before. I needed answers to my questions!! But those have come by the efforts of myself. Even so, because of a dear friend in Japan, I will post anything that I think is helpful to know before planning to study in China. (If you still have questions just ask. I need a break from studying once in a while.)

Random facts:
1. I am a rather clean person and China is rather ... not. Sometimes there are rodents in restaurants but the food is good so don't be discouraged. Clean is not the same as the clean you are used to in the states.

2. Spitting is a way of life and no one cares how loudly they prepare for it.

3. Cell phones don't have a monthly plan. Pay in advance and use until it runs out. Also they are to be used in the city you buy it in like metro, boost, cricket etc. (I put 100 yuan on mine and it lasted a good 2 months. It costs more to call than text.)

4. Dryers and ovens are not common. Hang dry clothes. Buy baked goods.

5. You will be stared at constantly. People will take pictures with you. They will rub your skin without asking. (Though not nearly as much in Shanghai.)

6. Children are cute!!! Always keep this in mind.

1. Most only accept cash. China is a cash nation.

2. If you look Asian you are Chinese so you better understand what they tell you. lol (I have witnessed clerks getting upset with some of my friends that had to repeat that they are American, Vietnamese, Korean you name it!)

3. There are bargaining malls...

4. Some things have quality issues. You can return them!

5. Some things you buy may be stolen/pirated so check over it. Or prepare that you might get bad quality.

1. Maybe going to class with Chinese students doesn't exist. But you can hang out with them around campus.

2. Unless you are a go getter, no one will tell you about which clubs to join.

3. Foreign student dorms all seem to be in the dark, unseen, back corner behind a few make the effort or you'll never meet a Chinese student.

4. The student ID is much more helpful than in the states. (Some places give you half off your purchase.)

5. If you go with my program you won't be on the same school schedule...

6. Home stays are almost impossible because the families expect an English teacher...(or so I hear. The director usually tries to talk you out of it.)

(** Please remember that I am in the USAC program and other programs may stick to the Chinese school schedule.**)

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