Monday, January 26

Chinese New Year

I really wanted to spend new years with Chinese friends so that they could fill me in on all the events, but since i haven't met any I just hung out with my program friends.

We lit fireworks on the roof of the building next to our dorm (hehe) and then in the basketball court. Mind you, I'd heard that the students were told not to light them on campus so I did not personally light any. (I'm not one for deliberately breaking rules.)
Anywho. I wanted to go to the temples and we went to one but I found out that they pay 80元 to get in and pray so I took pictures from outside.

We were going to walk to The Bund for the countdown but everyone has been setting off fireworks for a week now and we didn't consider it that special. So on the way there we stopped to watch families do fireworks which was much better in my perspective. Cars and buses cruise by as people light them in the streets. They also light them in the middle of they're apartment complexes. It is firework mania. I want to comeback each year.
At the bund we also lit lanterns, made a wish and let them fly into the sky. I think it was awesome but you have to wonder how they finally ... end. (I also wonder why they do it.)

Then after all of that we were supposed to go home. This is why I want to tell you a life tip:

Bring that secret stash of money for just in case causes.

I had only enough money to take a cab (together) to downtown and back but they wanted to go to a club. They were going to meet some other program participants there. I think 'hmm well I guess if it's free entry (like a lot are) I can go and since there're more people the taxi back will be cheaper.'


The first club was and 80元 fee and so they wanted to try a different one that other participants were supposedly at. Low and behold this club was 100. and I'm thinkin 'Why. Why did I pick today of all days to count my money and leave it in my room.' (I'm rationing my spending so I count it often) I didn't have enough to simply take a taxi home alone and I didn't want to stand outside of the club however many hours they would be there.

But overall. I enjoyed the day.

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