Thursday, January 22

Getting Priorities Straight

I decided to study business in Shanghai because it is beneficial to me and my degree. Shanghai is also getting good business limelight. I will be here to enjoy this culture that many do not define as Chinese. But I don't mind. I plan to stay here on my holidays and fully see.
There are students who have only been here for 2 weeks or so and are already booking tickets to visit other cities. Am I boring and old fashioned to stay put and study? Or am I too poor? hahaha

I think my teachers changed the way they normally run class because we are United States Americans. (More on this classification next time.)
They have assigned countless readings and essays and final exams. And I chose to take 5 classes...Maybe I just love challenges. I always seem to end up with so much work. ; )

Anyway, I noticed that some people are hanging out all the time! Then have the nerve to ask "Hey girl! where were you?"
I want to choke my teddy bear!! "I was studying!!! as I hear you coming in at 4am!!" I wast to say.
But that would give me a bad reputation so I just say "Oh I decided to go to *** and check out ***."
Does anyone else study really hard? This is my junior year and I don't want to waste it. (Yes. I do wake up before 7:30AM even on the weekends...)

Is it just me or are the doors to life in a great mansion that just open as time goes by. The more you read, the more open. Does wealth come with wisdom? When is wisdom recognized? I may not find the explanations to these answers until later. I feel like I'm soooo much smarter than yesterday! Where are the intellectuals? I want to associate with them. Where are the hard working people? I want to work with them. Where are the problem solvers? I want to reorganize things with them.

Where are you?

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cocoluvsjapan said...

well at my skool we all study hard even if we dont want to admit it! other than that i do like to do some sightseeing myself though but yea my classmates are pretty intellectual and highly smart! but yea china and japan are soo different japanese people tend to be rather shy and keep to themselves more..which is why on mixi join english/japanese groups and go to this site a great site where u can find jobs friends anything u want! also on wednesdays at the nishinomiya gardens 1000 yen $10 for women to go to the movie theathers usually japanese men dont like black women but when u can get one it's easier to start getting them and they dont hook up it's more of a i wanna wine and dines and take u out type thing!

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