Wednesday, January 14

So Many Things To Do

I didn't realize I'd signed up for so many classes. But now that I'm in the and interested, I don't want to back out! I have Advanced Chinese again of course but these students are starting a textbook that I've halfway finished. No doubt a new teacher can teach me new things and review is extra help, but I'm going to finish this book on my own and prepare for the HSK test. (That's an exam to put a rank on my Chinese knowledge.)

I forgot my usb cord somehow so that the reason for the delay of stories and pics. Sorry. I'm going to try to buy one soon. Bear with me. (Shanghai is more expensive to live in than Chengdu.)

If anyone wants to send a letter, clothes, or help offerings of any other kind, Please send your things to:

Kiana Christie
University Studies Abroad Consortium
International Student Dormitory
College of International Exchange
Shanghai University
149 Yanchang Road, Shanghai 200072
P.R. China

Thank you!!(even if you only think about it haha)
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