Monday, February 2

Banking in China

I got a bank account while I was in Chengdu because... it's common sense lol
I chose Bank Of China because it's all over China...

Anywho, I went to deposit more money yesterday and guess what? I was rejected. I have a Sichuan account and that doesn't work in this area of the country.

Therefore. You must change your bank accounts or bring a passport and information. I guess it's pretty safe that way, just kind of inconvenient.

Also I finally got to see the changing of money for the ATM!! There are always 2 guards outside with their guns loaded and ready but one guy was doing such a bad job of looking like a threat...The other noticed me before I intentionally walked by them, so he posed haha
I wish I could have gotten a picture, but no need to be deported!! ;p

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