Friday, January 23

Chinese New Year Preperations

I am excited as the new year is approaching but I certainly am unhappy about my favorite cheap restaurants closing for the holiday (which seems to last at least 3 weeks.) Yes businesses close down shop for that long. Don't know how but it is possible.

I really wish I was back in Chengdu with all of my friends because I realize that I don't know any one here and I will most likely not be receiving any hong bao 红包。(The beautiful red packet filled with funds, given to you by your elders...any elders you know.)

I have been hearing fireworks and seeing them since last week. Unfortunately there are no Chinese students in school right now so I won't have a good experience of what the young people normally do on the holiday. My friends from my program are all going to different cities so I have decided to find a few temples, go to a church, and visit the people's park to see how people are celebrating. (Very free things as my situation only allows that. heehee) I will bring my trusty camera so that you can all see!

well I have one week off and there are 3 school sponsored parties going on so after those I will let you know how interesting (or not) it is. I feel like its going to be very quiet.

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