Tuesday, March 3

In Ancient Times

Sorry this really has nothing to do with me being in China but here is what I've been pondering over.

I have Chinese Phenomenon and Chinese-U.S. Relations class which both have made me more interested in reading about some of China's history. While reading about all kinds of political figures (from whatever country), or just people that were able to build empires for their own families, I realized something that separates us from past and now.

Nowadays everyone and their mom goes to college. In the past mostly the best went for higher learning. Granted there are always exceptions. (Since everyone has access to a library) I find that the past gave only a few people the opportunity to learn more than their peers. So whoever went, that wasn't rich, went to be somebody and become something great! They studied their hearts out, got involved and then made something!! They were able to request only the best when applying for jobs. They deserved it!

In this time of anyone enrolling and finishing college, I don't see many who study their field as if it's their only chance to get good and do something great. You can pass most classes with D's (From grade school up). There are certain majors that say at least a C... Is this what you went to college for? A D or C? Weren't you highly interested in your major?? Didn't you want to use that major to be the best thing since the internet???

I look at my own self and apologize to the person that really wanted to be in international business but can't because I'm in their spot. I only want to become an actress with the ability to speak multiple languages and I'd like to use interpreter as my backup. No I don't study business the way a major should. But I study these languages as if it's my only chance to get good and do something great.

From now on I challenge myself to be like those in the past that finished only college (because I rarely hear of them attending grad school) and ended up being remembered and living to the fullest. The way they planned the minute they decided that they would study above and beyond.

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Juanita said...

I thought I was the only one who thought about things like this! Whenever I feel that I'm getting lazy, I think about the opportunities that I have now that my ancestors didn't have and that's usually enough motivation for me to work harder. Hopefully, years later I'll have some interesting stories to tell the younger generation, right?

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