Saturday, February 28

Just Me

Today I was going to meet up with friends and see a movie. Unfortunately something came up for all of them. I paced my room for a bit and pondered.

"I can't go see a movie alone! Well, I end up in restaurants alone sometimes. Ok, I might not have another chance to go see this movie (it's almost out of theaters)."

So I went. haha The women behind the desk looked scared at first, but when I approached them in Chinese they seemed to sigh of relief. (I know the feeling. In one of my jobs I was always thinking.'Please speak English!') I went inside and only one family was in there. Four people total. Watching a movie. In a theater. Oh well. The movie was good.

Next i got a text from one of the friends saying she wanted to talk to me. I replied ok but she never texted back. She wasn't in her room when i went to campus. So I decided to read in the one of the study rooms.
I bought 2 novels a while back to practice getting to know all of these characters. When I bought them i underestimated myself. I use my dictionary for words that i don't know. I'm taking it chapter by chapter. But the more i read the less i need that thing! This first book has me laughing, commenting aloud in Chinese, etc. ahaha I might end up finishing both books faster than i thought. ( You can ask my family members. I am a very ... expressive reader. Thoughts and laughter always come out.)

One the Japanese guys came in and looked at the book saying "you're so diligent!" Actually, I just love to read. Reading is my life!!He talked to me for a bit then left. Another Japanese guy came in and looked impressed. I told him it was just fun reading but he still seemed amazed. Whatever.

Finally I listen to my stomach and went for lunch. Dumplings and milk tea. I went back to the study room to read some more, but after while I figured I should get back home. I was on my way to the bus when I spotted some dark skinned people outside. I had on headphones so I smiled and continued walking. Wouldn't you know one guy followed me. 'He must be African', i thought. Read how quickly he strikes out. (Fastest one yet.)

him: Hey! How are you? I was asking the others if you might be African-American.
Me: I'm Jamaican-American.
him: Oh my f******(he cursed and used my lords name in vain. strike 1) That is really something. So amazing.
Me: Why? Are you African?
him: My mom is African my dad is American. (still a strike) So you how did you end up here?
Me: (Are you playing dumb?) I'm studying Chinese.
him: Right right.
Me: You must be working.
him: Y ea I'm working at (blah blah blah~~~~) So we should hang out some time! You have a phone? (strike 3 -_-)

I gave him my junk email. I haven't gotten on well with the African guys so from now on, they need to just happen to see me around campus a few times and then ask for my number. (lol maybe i am mean)

When I made sure he went back into campus grounds I walked to my bus stop. At first there were only 6 of us maybe. But soon enough it seemed like china was getting on the bus at the same time. I forgot it was rush hour. When I got on the bus I did the usual ballet with other passengers as people who want to get off try to get closer to the door. I find this funny and don't mind dancing my way around them at all. Although I noticed that many people seem annoyed to do this. Again I think to myself,'You have been here your whole life. You should just get used to it. Embrace it.'

I arrived home safely. Dinner tonight was amusing again as everyone was trying to learn some simple English. Then Ahyi helped me figure out a passage from my textbook. I logged on msn trying to plan a trip to Korea with a friend. And finally I wrote this blog. After I plan to shower and sleep because tomorrow just might be an adventure.

( ***I don't hate or dislike African men. I just haven't had a good impression from any of the ones that have approached me.***)


cocoluvsjapan said...

good for u cuz a lot of them the fellas are so f*ckin' clingy i mean they dont take a hit of no i dont like u go away! you're annoying

Juanita said...

Girl, you too? Can't we go anywhere in the world without some guy from Africa asking for our digits within thirty seconds after meeting us?

Juanita said...

When are you planning on coming here to South Korea? Since I'm already in the country, do you need for me to check out some areas for you? If you don't mind, what is your e-mail address? (Don't post it here!)

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