Friday, February 20

My Apologies For 'the wait'

ahaha ha-ha ha, boo hoo hoooo

I have not been online due to (like I thought) a really tough Chinese exam and a Chinese Phenomenon essay + presentation (still workin on the presentation) and my most demanding class (Chinese U.S. relations) has been requiring almost all of my time.

Ok good news. My director found me a home stay! I was surprised and convinced that they didn't want to bother helping us get them so I'd lost hope. Then bam! some family was interested in hosting a student. It seems like a good one because the parents both work (not sure that a house mom is a problem but my director thought so), the only son is also working (meaning I don't have to teach him English lol).

I feel kind of strange because I am not sure what I can give back to them (seeing as the things they are giving me are; house, culture, language improvement...) Oh well we'll see. I think they are good people though.

How it came to be:
I hear the son was just dying to host a student and so the parents (hoping to get a boy at least) agreed. The son met me and showed me a small video of the house, on his cell haha. Then asked me all kinds of questions some serious some stupid. (such as; do you close the door when using the bathroom?) He was talking so fast, in Chinese, but I knew how to answer everything and the jokes. That one just caught me off guard. He's 25 but sometimes acts younger than me. The next week (tues.) I checked out the house in person.

*****STOP***** This was mainly because I wanted to see the parents reaction to 1. Not only am I a girl 2. I'm black lol
Which hasn't been a problem for me here in China, but you never know how they'd feel about you living with them.
*****GO 'Head ;p

At the house they did not jump in fright after opening the door. Instead I was welcomed with smiles and asked to sit on the couch. My director went with me just in case, and gave them an introduction. While she did that the son gave me a house tour. I talked a little with the parents and I found the mother to be very cute and the father very laid back. They gave me some snacks and at the end we left.
My director informed me that they discussed the rent and the family decided that I only need to pay for utilities about 100 every month...since she's Chinese I'm assuming she means Yuan, but that leaves me breathless.

Dorm: 2,100 yuan rent + extra electricity used + 80 internet= 2,221 [$324.92 ](last month)
Home: 0 yuan rent + 100 flat rate utilities = 100 [$14.63 ]

Even if they charged me $100 [683.56yuan]. I was about I clean for you? But they declined (haha thank goodness cause no one has carpet in China and I even clean my own dorm everyday. maybe a few times. hehe whew!)

Well my host brother being the great person he is took my stuff over yesterday for me so that I could study all night here lol So I move in myself today.(I can get back some of this month's rent and my deposit.) I'll update you if you're interested...;p


Juanita said...

Your host family sounds mad cool! I think you really lucked out! Let us know how it goes!

cocoluvsjapan said...

I agree with Juanita you've definitely lucked out! Make sure you keep in touch with them too! Besides don't be a fool I always keep good people close to you!

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