Tuesday, February 10

Lantern Festival Final Day

haha Actually the last time I put Day 1 was because it was my first day, but in reality it was the second to last day.

So this time I went with the Modern Culture and Society class (I'm not in it). I thought that this was a good way for a free tour guide. I was right. I learned a little (little) bit of the history at the famous Yu garden!!
I took pics again because the day and night have obvious differences.

The program director had visited every language class to let us know that the teacher wanted to leave at 12:30 because admission was free before 1pm or 1:30..(she wasn't exactly sure) After that, it would be 50per person even though last night I paid 30... No need to tell me twice. I was in the lobby by 12:20. SOME people could care less since 50yuan is only about $7 but I say if it's worth 50yuan that's my $50 and I wanted to save it. Needless to say those people didn't show up until about 12:40; we'd waited because there was a token saying the others were coming. When we finally encouraged her to leave them behind we found out that we were taking the public bus. Great. That was at least a minute walk. We got on the bus after rushing and suddenly the other students were being waited for again as they decided to take their time and catch up. They walked so slowly too when we got off the bus. (No transportation could get close to Yu garden because of the police blocking off the streets) Luckily when we arrived at 1:20 and the free admission was until 1:30.

(I don't understand why it seems ok for these students to just ignore the ime structure and the teachers just look annoyed/worried and deal with it.)

This time I went around with various friends who needed to find lunch. They chose some restaurant that looked like a cafeteria style. I warned them that every dish had its own price, but:

them: Oh okay lets eat!
As soon as we stepped in the line with our trays.
them: Oh you know this looks like it'll be expensive. Do you want to eat here?
Me: -_- I told you it was one specific price for one specific dish.
them: i know. well, it doesn't matter to me if you want to eat here I'll stay. It just seems expensive.
Me: ....yep we're already in line so I'll stay. (angrily turns toward food and randomly grabs dishes)

whatever!!! At the end of the day. I bought a souvenir lantern and went back to the dorm and studied my eyes out.

here's some promised pics.

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