Saturday, February 7

Almost No Sleep

I went to my friends' place of party, Shiryokia(?), and it was expensive if you ate only one dish cause those things were small. I was afraid it'd be only sushi cause i can't eat alot of it. But we ended up paying 160yuan [$23.41] to eat and drink whatever was on the menu. And yes they got there at 7:30pm and planned to leave at closing(11pm)...they wanted to "get their money's worth". I thought the food was excellent and even tried sashimi (raw fish). So staying until closing was not something i thought necessary.

After the birthday boy wanted to check out a new club but everyone encouraged him to go to M2. They go to M2 every Wednesday because they used to have an all you can drink for 100yuan [$14.63] special. So I thought that was unnecessary too. When we got there about an hour later they were complaining about M2 so we went to Windows Too. I think the music was better there (not techno) but it was soooo small. Plus everyone finally realized they were too tired to dance anyway. Then they went to McDonalds, but I hate McDonalds so I only got orange juice. For 7.20!!![$1.06] It only came in small!! We finally arrived home around 6:30am. I went to bed to try and get a nap before the festival thing.


At the festival thing there were a bunch of dance and performances and Tai Chi. It was awesome! The were all old people and in one dance they were using their canes and I was like "Go nainai! Go yeye! (grandma!/grandpa!)" haha

I was standing by a Tibetan nainai, wearing their beautiful traditional clothing and so I talked to her a bit (she was so adorable. child-like.) then a friend and I took pictures with her (This was in the middle of one of the dance performances). That must have been the green light for the other people.
I remember that at our arrival some professionals were taking photos of us and directing us to look at certain things. ( I noticed though, even 10yr olds were using pro-cameras...hmmm) But that was the beginning so I thought that would be it. Low and behold, after taking a picture with Tibetan nainai, we were pushed to go make some sweet rice balls. There were some beautiful twins from...some country... that came too, so everyone wanted their picture and then there were older Chinese twins, so of course they took pictures together. lol (The Chinese ladies were pretty too.)

So while making the rice balls I felt like I was actually working for a magazine because they were taking soooo many pictures and then they started to direct us and take pictures. after making 3 for those cameras I had to make another and answer a few questions for the news camera. haha
*First the announcer lady goes: do you speak Chinese?
*Me: yes i do.
*Lady teaching me the rice ball: of course she does! how would she understand my directions?
In all I thought it was an awesome morning[10:30am ended]. Of course I planned to go sleep after but I was called out by a friend in an hour.


We went to the anime district and I saw some awesome outfits that I will definitely start rockin'. I'll upload the pics later.
We went to the Nike store which had a building size poster of Mr. Bryant on the side and his shoes were everywhere inside. Figures.
( I noticed that everybody and their grandmas rock Nike. If it's not Nike it's usually very nice lookin dress shoes. Even the homeless seem to keep their shoes up. So i felt slightly embarrassed on account of I'm still wearing my 3yr old shoes....yes I will be buying new [Nike] shoes soon. I wondered why people kept lookin at my shoes.)

Then we went to Dunkin Donuts on the way to the Japanese school. It was so nasty. But I don't like Dunkin anyway. It's Krispy Kreme for me.
The Japanese school was nice but I don't have the funds to be paying a 2nd tuition. They said they had a scholarship but I was like '2months is already $805'. I going next year anyhow so there's no need to pay. I thought it was like a learning language club, not an institution.
(This is also when I decided I don't like to hang out with my black guy friend alone anymore. These people mistake him for my boyfriend and I don't want people to assume when I'm alone with a guy of dark descent that we're dating. I won't just stop hangin' out with them; I just wont like it.)

Even though by now I was ridiculously tired, I had been invited to eat dinner with my classmates (remember only 4 of us) at their apartment at 7pm. It was very nice inside and even though I don't talk to them much we ended up talking until 11pm almost. I think I grew closer because I learned lots of crazy things about them. They're good people.

Finally getting back to the dorm around 11:20 my friends across the hall wanted me to go clubbing with them.
HA ha ha Ha haha HAaaa.
I told them I love hangin with them (they pick good places) but I was toooo tired. I showered and slept soooo peacefully.

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