Friday, February 20

First day of hosting

I got to the gate of the complex and then called my brother. He insisted to meet me at the gate cause I might forget which way to go. Anyhow a few minutes later I see him running out with a friend close behind him.

me: hey you don't need to run! i'll meet you!
him: it's whatever, whatever. hey this is my friend (i forget the name). you should say hi.
friend: hi
me: hello ni hao 你好。
him: you can speak chinese to her she understands!
friend: haha ok bye

Don't know where he was going but he seemed pleasant. So we get to the apartment doors (every one lives in a high rise) and he showed me how to get in. Then when I get in the door, I see that they bought me new slippers haha. Then Ah-yi 阿姨[aunt] comes and tells us to wash our hands and eat dinner. It was funny because the whole family showed me how to use the sink and said i can use their towels etc. Then at the dinner table I found out that Shu-shu 叔叔[uncle] cooked! (But i've heard that Shanghai men will cook and clean no problem. And I ask again. Where is my Shanghai man?!) Dinner was delicious and we talked about food names and foods in America Chengdu etc. There was a lot of "Of course they have that!", "You don't need to say that." and " Eat more!" lol a blast. Except for the burping by Ahyi and brother ( oh he is older so it's ge-ge 哥哥(guh-guh)) Oh well. it's culture.

Then gege helped me set up the internet and says minutes later. Can I take your picture? An upload it online? lol I said sure and then he added me on msn. After that we situated my bathroom situation with a lot of "Don't worry you can use our stuff if you want." Not like I bought things to purposely separate but you know livin in the dorm means buy your own mess. Then I settled in.

************************Then sleep.********************

When I awoke as late as I could. (10am) I ate breakfast and Shushu talked to me about random basketball and houses in America etc. I went off to read a book and then ahyi called me in to lunch. We ate and talked and again they gave me too much food lol (Well, i do want to gain weight ;p)

I think I did luck out on this one. I have an interactive family and I feel very comfy. Now it's time to get "comfy" in my classes : (

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