Thursday, March 12

Nanjing and Park Pics

Oh yes. The most comfortable Chinese beds.平静。
Me and Veronica. We like to actually explore China.
Just had to let you see how some babies get bundled up. Poor 8mo old. It's actually not even cold this day.胖乎乎的
Haha chess baby! 下棋!
I'm gonna ride day...before I leave.我要乘这个。。。有一天。。。我回国前。
Fishing in Zhabei park 在闸北园钓鱼
I was pulled in to XinZhang style dancing...
We walked all that way to construction... :(
This is what I go through to get good pics...O.O 惨死了!!
Nanjing Massacre Memorial
I didn't take pictures inside because it's really not allowed. Sorry. I chose to be respectful of this FREE museum. Please see it yourself.
Lantern Festival at Fu Zi Miao 夫子庙的元宵节
我属龙。I belong to the Dragon. (Year)
They wanted my picture at a lake in Nanjing 南京。 对我就是这么有名的。呵呵

sorry it's not in any order. and it's late lol

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