Friday, March 6

NanJing Here We....*sigh*

ok. the internet was being stupid so i'm goin back a few days.

We were scheduled to go to Nanjing 南京 last weekend but because of a trip to the expo on a Tuesday some students signed up to be weekend volunteers. Why they had to pick that weekend I'll never know. ('cause I'm not asking.)

Well I arrived slightly early at school but the bus "wasn't there" for our 8:30am departure. If they would have walked to the front gate (visible from where we normally take the buses) they would have seen a huge white bus awaiting our arrival. We get on the bus and as usual somebody says 'you know i wanna go get some type of breakfast' and 'oh i just woke up i'll be down in a bit.' And because our director allows this we leave a little after 9.

During the ride I couldn't really sleep so I listened in on my friends conversations and it was funny. They were having a good time and some kids in the back were not happy cause they wanted to sleep. It was a Friday morning. A day that we usually have class. They should have been just as awake but there will always be rude people who think that just cause they are tired the world should stop.

The bus broke down....Oh well. We fortunately broke down minutes before hitting a gas station slash mechanic. Too bad they weren't bus mechanics. (didn't know things were so different from cars...)
We ended up waiting for another bus...2hrs. I went and waited outside of the bus with friends. We salsa-d, talked and just became crazy until we boarded the next bus.

Finally we reached a, maybe, 4 star hotel. It was soooo comfortable. We arrived around 3:30 ish and everyone was craving food. So we went to eat across from the hotel and then our director informs us that all museums close at 4:30pm. Since we wouldn't even eat dinner together she gave us 50元 per person. Then we were left to do whatever.

I went with my classmates to go see a Lake. It was nice. I ate cotton candy that was delicious (how can you mess up cotton candy??). Then we rushed back to the hotel to go to 夫子庙 as a group. Fu Zi Miao is a ... temple with shopping areas. They were having a little lantern festival so I got a couple of pictures thinking 'This sure is...lacking'. Then I went with some friends to eat. When we got back to the hotel we were all tired but we debated going to a club and karaoke.

I went back to my room to put my stuff down. Laid on the bed and thought 'Denied! I am going to indulge in this extravagant sack of comfy-goodness. I got out of bed though to visit the friends I had not hung out with to see if there was a grudge against the 2 that I was with. (I do not want to be in the middle of any mess.) They said there wasn't but speaking in a language unknown to the other and avoiding counts as having a problem with somebody. We ended up talking until way too late as my eyes were closing and my roommate went back to our room with me.(No we did not go back to the problem topic. I don't linger over hot water.) We watched a little bit of a show and were knocked out. haha

I will post these pictures tomorrow (Tuesday for me) ;p

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