Wednesday, March 11

Fitting In Fun

Wednesday is the day I have classes 9am-12pm, 4-5pm 5:30-8:00pm (sometimes later). I get tired before the 4o'clock TaiChi sometimes haha. In any event.
I pulled through the horrible mornings' Chinese class. It's finally boiled down to my teacher explaining the text sentence by sentence. Not cool. (Whatever. I've been reading ahead.)
I ate lunch with friends and we were talking for sooooo looooong. Well, mostly me and my friend Mai. We just kept switchin subjects makin the table laugh. I forgot there were others on the second floor of that small restaurant....until they all turned around to look and laugh at us....I was like "eh hehm" but we kept on laughing! I was thinking,"Why? Do Japanese people not talk while they eat lunch?" It was in no way offensive. I would have stred at us too. AND eavesdropped!! haha We had been going back and forth with stories and I don't think we followed the few seconds of silence in between rule...hehe

So! I went and studied a little and at 4 I was in TaiChi. I am now the translator for this class. I found out that I can interpret Chinese for English speakers pretty well, but it's a little difficult for the other way around. Maybe I need a few more months. My vocabulary in Chinese is still in progress.

After I went to Chinese U.S. relations class. Interesting.

Finally!!! I went into the dorms to eat with my friends. They had decided to cook Japanese and Mexican. We were speaking English Spanish Japanese and Chinese all at random times and mixing whenever and where ever. The food was good and smelled awesome. The atmosphere was lively and I will dearly miss this when it's time to go home.
We are comfortable and accepting of everyone speaking whatever language. No one randomly cusses me out in English because it's their favorite part of their learning. No one gives up and makes dumb excuses about why they don't want to learn the "stupid" language. No one laughs at you and tells everyone that you are weird because you are learning a new language.

*sigh* Welp! I'll just keep myself as involved as possible so that when times are tough I'll remember the life I lived here.

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