Saturday, March 7

Rushing Nanjing 南京

We woke up early to be able to eat breakfast before 8:30am check out. It was the best breakfast I've had in my time of china. We were scheduled to leave at 9. For some reason 3 students had caused a problem and 2 became victims.

One girl washed off heavy makeup with the hotel's excellent quality blindingly white rags and didn't wash it out. They wanted to charge her 30 yuan. She washed it out herself and didn't have to pay.
Two girls spilled "drips" of red wine on the incredibly similarly blindingly white sheets and the hotel wanted 2000yuan. Needless to say those girls rushed to wash them out.

Unfortunately for my friends they ended up paying for a missing laundry bag that even I had not seen while staying in their room until late. The funny thing about their case is that my director asked them if they had it, to which they replied no. Then she returned with a bag to say 'this is what it looks like but if you really didn't take it I'll fight for you'. One friend was asked to go look for it herself(before this happened) and the other one felt so embarrassed being taken as a thief that she paid. I thought the Chinese were good at saving face? She had taken everyone else's word for missing things. (There were about 5)

Those things are only told to you because they affected me in the way that we couldn't leave the hotel until well past 10 and everyone knew we were trying to pack all of day ones events into day two.

We went to the city wall which was nice but we were told we only had until 10:40...The majority of the kids returned at sometime past 11. (Mind you when I was walking back I saw all of them and said we only had 2minutes...Not to be bossy/mean 'cause I'd directed it towards my friends)

We went to the Nanjing memorial site. A place to remember how the Japanese troops ridiculously eliminated over 300,000 Chinese people. It was a breath-taking place. We were supposed to stay for an hour but that place is huge and so it took an hour and a half for everyone to get out. (Yes I was late. I'll tell you what I thought about this in a different post.)

We went to lunch late and I decided that all of Nanjing served small portions. Remember this is China. Dishes are a grab what you can from the middle type of deal.

After lunch we went to check out Sun Yatsen and Ming Xiaoling's mausoleums. That was a great experience too. Because the weather was great, I had some friends run up the billion stairs with me, watched Chinese men in uniform, and was informed that I was black.

lol here's that conversation.
him: Hey! Hey you! You are black!! haha Can you understand me?
me: Yes I understand...ummm-
him: That's great!! Yea you're black!haha *thumbs up*
me: right ummmm thank you?
lady in his group: how cute she is *smiles at me*

[ at the wall some lady didn't know I understood her and when asked if she wanted to take a picture with me, she ran over while saying 'How black! How beautiful!' Before her group bombarded me, mind you, I was trying to take a picture of a bird with slightly green feathers....-_-]

But anyway. I really love China. Only here do people tell me that I'm black.

( I'm posting pics Tuesday my time.)

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