Tuesday, March 31

Foreigner Be My Guest

So I was able to interview for a spot on a game show a while ago and I was hoping to have done it and be paid last week. Then I would put the money towards spring break in Korea!![next week] (For some reason Korea is becoming another dream...)

Anywho, I was finally called and they'd asked me to come down today. They didn't say what to wear or do or anything really. Just time and place. For some odd reason my 'boss'? only gave me the pinyin for the address at first. I can't believe that yet again I have to remind people, even if you give a foreigner the pinyin, it will do them no good since we are in china and characters are a must. So she texted it to me. Thank goodness for the internet because I needed to try and find out how to get there by cheap public transportation.

I arrived at the area of the shoot and I was happy because I was 15min early. Then the area turned out to be full of small streets and since I was being poor and decided to walk, I was late by 10min. Thankfully the staff was still shooting something else. We actually waited about an hour until my group was on.
During the wait, I met and talked to my partner and our opponents. All seem to be cool people. There were two Chinese people and one German guy. The name of the show is 老外做客 (laowai zuo ke). (that's pinyin in the parenthesis) The title of this blog is the translation. There are teams of 2 consisting of one foreigner and one Chinese native. We do all kinds of games and at the end someone wins!!! lol I forgot to ask if there was a prize. I was only concerned with pocket money at the time.

We ended up shooting at a bar where we played a game of pouring beer sliding it to your partner and then pouring it into a big measuring tube. It was not cool because I was catching the beer and it spilled on my arm. Then, beer has stupid foam so when the measuring tube as overflowing with it, it just slid down my hands. Sure the game was fun but I didn't want to smell like beer.

I thought everything was fun though until they wanted to shoot an interview. You know. The one when a contestant usually talks about what went right or wrong about the game. Did I mention we can only speak Chinese? I was fishing for a story man!! We lost so I was trying to say we just have to work harder next time and I have no experience with the bar nonsense blah blah...I survived but I want to prepare for the next "interview" and fix my grammar and maybe add a few sophisticated words!!

Unfortunately they don't tell us the games in advanced so I have to make it up while doing the game or as soon as we finish and just hope I'm not first.

After that we got a DVD and CD of different bands. Our task is to copy their style and learn a song. Which song? They'll tell us Thursday. I picked The Rolling Stones for us because the Beatles are on the bottom of my list of who I've listened to...And my partner doesn't know either one so he didn't care.

I went home after that and worried about my Chinese skills the whole time. Not only is it quiet when filming but the air seemed still as I was talking during my interview and the camera was in my face! But I was instructed not to look at it!!! A -- Gon -- Nyyyyyy~~~~

For those who know me though, this is my lifelong dream job. Well actually it's acting, this is more like reality TV haha I did a commercial when I was in Chengdu but since they were putting music over it we could be talking and the camera wasn't front and center in my face :)


Juanita said...

So, when are you coming over here to South Korea?

JamasiaN said...

I wish this week but it's still not as cheap as i thought...i suppose it'll be yrs before reaching that dream

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