Wednesday, April 1

An Involuntary April Fool

Today I went to my last normal Chinese class. I did a speech on in-laws but since I have never been married, I just took into account others' relationships hehe My teacher was surprised that there are similarities in both of our marriage cultures.

After class I decided that, instead of studying that DVD, I'd go to lunch with some odd friends. Odd as in it's rare for us to hang out. We toured a random underground shopping district in People's Square and we found プリクラ!!!
Puri Kura is nothing but taking extremely cute pictures, decorating them, and then printing them out and posting wherever possible!! I will try to upload it here so you can see for real lol

I went to my US China relation class and that guy had planned the lesson so that we could talk about Taiwan. The only problem is, I'm sure not many Americans know anything about Taiwan's history unless it involved us...

On the way home, the night 'market' called me. I was determined to get some new socks and then i was determined to get my brother's perfect gift!! I found socks that looked good and one I bought just because it had foot padding. Hilarious! I've never seen that! Well, the gift is not that perfect as in it's not a sword, which he likes. It's a shirt with a funny saying. (Unfortunately I realized at home that he guy gave me the wring shirt. The characters were mixed and it changed the funny meaning. So yes. I will go out and re-buy the shirt, but I won't give up 20 yuan if it's that guy again!!)

I have noticed, only now, that there are no Chinese sayings on characters at all. But if it's Korean, Japanese, English, or French, you'll find it. It sucks because I want to buy "Chinese" shirts and low and behold I've only found my brothers' (and the reversed version).

I came home and was thinking of watchin the DVD but I watched some Japanese show partner will be disappointed if I don't get it down.

*******Utterly unimportant but for a little while now I've been comparing my work habits to my favorite Actor Lee Junki.....No I don't know anything about his working habits, or anything at all. But from the time I started watching him he has become more and more flawless: faultless, immaculate, impeccable, perfect, unblemished
I must get to that level one day. Actually not his level since he's still progressing, but I need to work like that.


cocoluvsjapan said...

wow a game show omg i'm soo jealous nice!! hahah y move back to the states with adventures like this!! :p

JamasiaN said...

of course i'd stay here if i could.

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