Saturday, April 4

Practicing Does Not Always Make Perfect


I spent the morning watching a chinese cartoon. Then it was off to practice the song with the partner! I had to go to his place so again I spent money on the subway but! I found out that this family has a car!! How? My host dad was on his way out so he gave me a ride to the subway station. I was shocked but I shouldn't have been. I think every normal family owns at least one car. They are middle class after all.

I met my partner at the stop by his house. We took a cab from the station to the supermarket. His room mate was going to cook for me. So I picked out some food and then the 3 of us walked the short walk to their apartment.

It was a small 2 bedroom one bath one kitchen no living room. For their privacy I won't post their specific apartment but I'll see if I can find something similar. They made it cozy though.

We practiced for a long time on that danged Satisfaction. My partner doesn't feel music and can't sing. So for a singer like me it's kind of hard to try and perform together. He mostly wanted me to help him on his English pronunciations. Then he wanted me to cue him in for all of the chorus parts lol We were able to laugh and talk and watch a little bit of the program we are working for. We were playing the song over and over in between time. Luckily his roommate liked the song, (it is a classic) So he didn't mind.
We ate dinner, which was pretty good considering that he taught himself. And then took pictures which I will post later. Then we practiced for one more hour until I was accompanied back to the subway station. I prayed that he could count on me to help us win this challenge. I am good at singing after all.

Since I'd called out different friends I went straight to people's square to meet them and the 3 of us went to take.... Puri Kuraaa~~~
I think I've gone crazy.
I will also load those later.

I had forgotten that the buses stopping by my home are off the clock early so after waiting until 11pm I finally realized I'd have to settle for the one that at least stops on the end of my street; a mere 20min walk away from home. I decided to take one of those special carts since it was pouring rain.

It was a bumpy ride but I was kind of fun. For only 5 yuan I can drink milk tea. I drink this often. I have decided that since the cart ride is only 6 yuan I may skip the tea every once in a while. Yep. I'll be lazy. I don't care.

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