Wednesday, April 8

Other Black People

This is a continuation of The Last Day Of Shooting.

After the show I got a ride to the metro and talked with my boss. She told me I would receive a dvd and photos from the show...(I better stop delaying posts. I can't remember if she said photos.)

She confessed that she hadn't understood why we lost the singing competition. I explained in chinese. Then she talked about how unprofessional those judges were. She told me that all of the staff thought we should have won. It's ok. I would have died if they put a snake on me.

Did you know: I sang during the practices with no emotions and absolutely bland. Why? because I as still trying to get used to singin rock. Of course when show time came, I put out. That's just how I am. Mostly because I hate to here "you didn't do it that way in practice" or "you change the way you sing it so many times" so now I make it obvious that my practice won't be like my performance.

Anywho when I got to the metro I was on the way to meet some other friends...yes he black people that my title referrs to. They had been shopping around Yu garden. I found a skirt that I liked and a dress that I didn't need and bought them. I had feigned ignorance and disinterest when the worker told me the dress was 98yuan and the skirt 147yuan. I got them for 40yuan apeice, but I'm thinkin I should have done 30. The quality isn't that good and I know it. But it's nothing I can't fix.
The worker was mad because I used a 100yuan bill to pay for the dress. Then she asked about the skirt, since she felt she'd been cheated, and I replied in chinese that 147 was ridiculous and I couldn't do it. She half scolded me about not speaking chinese sooner but she really wanted to sell me something else since I was making it so cheap. (I just thought this was kind of funny. I go to bargain places sometimes because the quality is bad but it's not far behind some things in a store. For the most part you just have to cut the extra threads off.)

After the others wanted to go to a japanese restaraunt. I helped them tell the taxi drivers because they are all beginners abd haven't mastered the tones yet. I was happy because they were practicing.
We arrived at Haiku and were informed that we only had an hour to eat because the place was booked! We sat and talked a bit while scoping the menu. I decided on Chicken bowl because my friends and I go to a japanese restaraunt in Vegas and we eat the same things each time. The chicken bowl brought back memories.

So when everyone else ordered they used as much chinese as they could. I was happy. (I had just pointed to mine.) The food was delicious. I just listend to the others talk since I didn't find a reason to stop eating. haha I did stop twice. They were mostly talking about how they should have went to japan. I was almost going to join in but I was afraid. As most of you know, japan is one of my oldest dreams and i was regretting a bit for not going there at first.
So why not throw in my 2cents about loving japan? Two reasons.
1] The workers here do speak english. no need to make these chinese people feel bad. I like china too.
2] I am still in shock that black people are here interested in chinese like me. They are practicing and everything! Now thy like japan too!? This is too much for me. I was made fun of by blacks for these interests.

Anywho, I was so happy to be around people of my color. They all come from the same school and are from a different program but I feel like they are good people. I'll try and hang out with them more.

Before I forget: Most of the group are girls so I'm extra excited because I feel the world should acknowledge black women more. I just feel like no one sees us. We are doing good too. I want to show off black women and boast about them.
That was just running across my mind today.

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