Wednesday, September 17

I Am The Foreigner

Yesterday I went out to return some things to a store (it was easier than I thought) and I was walking with a white guy (friend from my program) He was saying he liked walking with me and Vanessa (true red-head in my program) because people don't stare at him as much. I thought that was funny but walking to the store people obviously were paying him no mind. All eyes on me. lol

In the store one lady even followed me around a bit (this happens occasionally) and finally she started to talk to me asking "Where are you from?" "Where do you study?" "Who braided your hair?" (thank you Nayshay everyone has complemented) She remimded me of a teacher I had in the U.S. Very nice lady, slightly aggresive. lol

I was glad that I understood her and she and her husband were impressed (no applause needed) haha and then when she was finished my friend says, "I love it! I get nothing." And it's true. People made obvious stares at me and small conversation.

It's fun to be the foreigner. It's even more fun to be the beautiful foreigner. I had one girl tell me she's trying to tan and get my beautiful skin, haha, that is completely opposite of how asians view beauty.

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