Wednesday, September 24

Yellow Dragon Town

I liked this little place. It's a showing of part of older china. Plus the river is 2 different colors. They have made it a little more commercial with all the souvenirs, but what can you expect? It 2008 even I wouldn't live in the old style unless you paid me.

Anywho. When I first got there I wanted a picture of the gate and then me in the middle (of course) and when I finished this girl (12?) came and said Hi and shook my hand and rubbed my arm and, I think I should have taken a picture with her lol

My director invited some Chinese students from our university to try to ease the isolation (will post later) and so I made a new friend and we all went around looking at the old things and ate lunch. Then I found myself alone.

So I walked around and bought a few small things and then I saw a part of the river where you can cross on stones (they have animal characters on them like ,鼠,龙,猪) any who this is what it looks like:

and it has high traffic time. I convinced myself I wanted to go then, but before I could try crossing the guy in that picture wanted to take a picture with me. So I took one with him and his friends. and I got back in line. then some girl wanted to take a picture with me so I did and got back in line and by that time it was very high traffic lol

So I crossed without falling and as soon soon as I got to the other side person after person wanted to take pictures with me (one even said that her school is near mine so we should hang out sometime) haha

These people make me feel extra special sometimes lol

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cocoluvsjapan said...

OMG no fair u get the good celebrity treatment and i get well just stares and a guy at a cd rental that only serves ME :D *cheeses with a smile hehe but yea i'm glad u're enjoying chengdu though but yea after all the damn japan homestay drama I'm thinking about actually living in japan like i really like it here!! i can find myself living here for a loong time!!

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