Sunday, September 21

Sichuan Opera

I know that people often make fun of operas but i think that the people who sing, for the most part, have beautiful voices.

So my friend YeJin found a place that wasn't too expensive and we watched a Sichuan opera 川剧. They had a lot of different skits though so it wasn't opera the whole time. They had fire blowing, face changing, puppeteering, shadow puppets and Erhu.

I really like the music with the Erhu 二胡. It's pretty much classical but the guy who performed last night did an upbeat song later. I think those people are very talented because it only has 2 strings and yet so many different sounds can come from it.

I know shadow puppets sound very....dull or lame, but if you would have seen the animals he was making... It was brilliant.

The regular puppets are so detailed. They move their eyes and twirl a cloth or pick things up and while you're watching you know it took a lot of practice. I commend those people.

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