Wednesday, August 25

Not Enough Time

One week my friends is definitely not enough time for an inexperienced Shanghai traveler, a world expo and a vacation all in one.

The minute we landed in China my brother was O.O at everything. Awesome! He was pretty amazed by all of the different sights. Not many people were speaking English, it was ridiculously humid, and he had never seen anything like it haha

I found my friend and we put our things at his place to find a little hotel.
(I didn't book one beforehand because I wanted to make sure of the rooms quality.)
It turned out that the one across the street from him was good. This was was slightly modern on a budget...
cute one

hall in cute one

It didn't compare to the very cute one that we'd rented the next night though. It was also cheaper. You don't want to get too cheap though. We'd decided to stay at a bum cheap hotel (business hotel) and it sucked. Only one floor 3stories above a store with no elevator. It was hot inside and the room was only big enough to fit the bed and a dresser not 1ft away! The bathroom was (thankfully) 2ft away from the bed and 3ft away from the door, but you don't want this kind of place in a Shanghai summer -.-

After that I told my bro that we'd just have to spend the money and try a western-like hotel. I had a good bath in there lol This one also came with high floors so I had a great view. We also got a free breakfast.

It was so humid that it would have been a complete waste of money to get it done by anyone else. Sorry :(
But don't worry. I am going to Beijing to study Feb.2011 since I'm graduating on 12/14/2010!!!!! So I will get my hair done there and let you know lol (I'm also gonna do a separate blog for Beijing so I'll let you know how to find it later.)

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