Wednesday, July 28

Skipping out on Hair Care

Hey people!

I know this blog was done but apparently I have missed the most important steps!


I have not done anything on it! Someone emailed me the other day about it and I thought. Oh My Gosh!!!
I had a great time with my hair in the first semester. It was the second semester that killed me!

So. When I arrived in Chengdu I had braids :) (Cheater my foot.) Of course braids need to come out. I did my own relaxer because the weather was humid and I didn't have any hot comb. I bought one of their flat irons with comb teeth on it. I treated me well after the relaxer. It doesn't get too hot because their hair is straight already.

Of course in Shanghai I did the same, but I forgot the relaxer this time. I was pretty much natural within weeks. The weather was heating up and it sure was humid. I used the same flat iron with little effect. I suggest bringing your own stuff to do the job. I ended up braiding my own hair without extensions.

I have not tried going to the stylists there because after you have been stared at for the first 2months you feel less confident. I did walk up to a salon, but I got scared when ppl started coming to the door to see me.

I am re-visiting China in 2wks. I will go to a salon just so you know my experience. For the sake of you newbies I am sacrificing my hair!!! It shouldn't be too bad. I won't let them "perm" it, but we'll see how straightening goes.

Keep the questions comin!

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