Sunday, May 3

Brighter X Day

This morning I got up a little late because of the slight fever. I still got up, ate breakfast,changed and then headed out to the X Games!! My throat was feeling much better considering it was morning.

i took the 812 and the 866 bus this time because I'd found out yesterday that 866 went to the back gate. Unfortunately the assistant on the bus told the driver that no one was getting off and I was too late to say, "wait I am!!" so I had to walk back to the stop. On the way I bought some snacks, because I tought they didn't sell food. Unfortunately when I got in the gate this time around 12noon I saw the BK stand...and a 7up or mountain dew stand....

Whatever! I marched happily over to watch the BMX stunts and it was pretty lame for a while then a guy from Thailand game and brought real competition! After him some Americans showed what they had haha It turned out to be a really good show towards the end.

I had been concentrated on trying to find my friends without moving spots but my phone had run out of minutes. Suddenly a really tall chinese guy (6'3?) decided to stand right in front of me...Do tall people not realize they are tall? Is it nnatural to stand directly in front of someone shorter than you? Seriously, I could reach out my hand 4in and touch him!! So I did and I asked him if he could move. He acted like I was rude...or maybe he was annoyed cause he got that a lot...but he should have stood off to my side!
After that I found my big group of friends and we watched skateboarding on the U台 (sorry I forgot the english name) Then we moved over to the In line skating to wait. While we waited I decided to watch the dirtbike stunts form our spot. (No need to get close when all the stunts are in the air.) But unfortunately about 10min into the show a biker got hurt so it was cancelled. Do you know the MC's were having to announce not to take pictures? Why do people video and shoot pain?

I decided to hold a good spot at the stage to await today's concert, but they started so late that I ended up leaving so that I could get a front spot to watch the roller blading contest. It was a great contest. So interesting! I loved how Japan brought the game but America took first lol I was excited about the way people were actually doing different tricks today! Yesterday I saw a lot of o.O??

Even though all events ended at 5pm, because of yesterdays rain the BMX still needed to do finals. So I was able to cheer and dance to the music and take crazy pics wth my friends haha It's so much better to be around people who are just as crazy as you are. They even wanted to go outside, after it closed, and tke pics of the winners with me.

It was a good day. I decided to go straight home and heal. I was able to eat dinner today more comfortably. I noticed that the pain was only extreme around 6pm and after until... maybe 10am. I'm pullin through though. No swine flu for me!

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