Saturday, May 2

And Then It Rained

The X games were pretty interesting. I have never been to one before. One of my friends from the concert showed up. Everyone else bailed out on us. I don't think events starting at 11 am are too early, but that's just me...

The first thing I noticed was that even though this was the Asia X Games there were other people competing. There were also more foreigners in the crowd. I suppose I haven't seen many lately.

Unfortunately there was no re-entry and we couldn't find food. It also started to rain and we stayed as long as we could but my friends jacket was not waterproof, plus I was getting a fever. At this point we ended up going to a place to eat but since I couldn't really eat, we went to DQ and got smoothies. I found out later that my throat does not need any cold!

After eating we went home. My family was eating dinner and I tried to explain that I didn't want to eat real food, but they all said that won't do! haha They gave me some type of sweet soup and told me to drink hot water. I am so thankful of how caring they are. My host brother even warned me not to get swine flu lol (Every one here is joking about it.)

Now that it's extremely early 10:30pm, I'm going to bed.

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