Sunday, August 2

Moving and Economies

So we have officially moved houses here in Vegas and guess what? It's only a few streets down from the old house. I guess it's ok, but we seem to have too much stuff and no matter how much I say,"You know that thing (we don't use) is pretty old..." The parentals still keep the stuff.

I was just thinking about being in China and if everyone kept the things that were years old that they didn't use...It would be a crazy mess!! We should learn not to be pack rats! Only Keep the necessary.

Anywho, about the economy. My friend (who is Vietnamese) just got back from Vietnam and was telling me that they seem to just buy every name brand in style even though their salaries are not like American salaries. This is exactly what I felt in China (or pretty close to it). How can these countries live the high life while I struggle here jobless and without? Which country is really the third world country?

I encourage all to go out and tour a "poor" country to see what they live like. I promise that the majority of the people I came across seem to live a bit better than me! They may not make the money that Americans do, but they sure do live like Hollywood.

( I can't include myself cause I'm jobless :( and now I'm thinking of taking a break from school just to catch up financially.)
I hadn't thought I'd be jobless all summer long...

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