Thursday, April 2

Practice Shoot

Today I got up early and went to my Chinese Phenomenon class on time, but yet again our teacher was 15-20min late. I don't know whether to pity him or be angry. (I'll stick with pity.)

Anywho, after class I used a friends computer to review my dvd and cd. well the dvd was ... great i guess. I mean, it was a Rolling Stones concert. Then I put in the cd to discover that they gave us the song we'd sing! Made me wish I'd studied it during that outing between classes on wednesday. -_-

I reviewed the song a few times and then recorded it with my camera so I could watch it on my sub ride. Of course when I got on the sub I chose to just read the lyrics instead. This time I took the subway line one to the train station and actually exited. I had no idea the place would be so big! I was at a loss to find out which bus I needed to take. Then a guy was asking if i'd wanted a motorcycle ride and I told him i preferred bus. To my surprise he pointed the bus out to me.
(I felt kind of bad because when I heard him reply, "I'll tell you where to go" I thought he said "take me where to go". so I ignored him the first time.)
Anywho, I walked across an open area across from the station and a man asked if I wanted taxi or bus. I said bus and kept walking even though he kept talking. So when I arrived at my stop I was a little confused as to which side of the rode I needed to be on. Another man asked me taxi or bus. I said bus. He asked where to and I said I don't know. Then remembered the address was on my phone. I showed him and then he told me to stay there because i was in the right place.
(I hope I felt on top of the world ignoring the people who were only trying to help. I realized this after the 3rd guy asked taxi or bus. But you have to understand that some people are not really trying to help a foreign girl. I will not prejudge next time.)

Though I had boarded the right bus I got off at the wrong stop. I heard a similar name and didn't see a sign so I just got off. I decided I'd better taxi it to be on time. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be cheap.

Surprise!! only the sound men and my partner were there. so the crew was kinda late and ordered KFC for us. I told my partner what our song was but he hadn't heard of it before. He only watched the dvd. I felt like we could have had an advantage because the other team hadn't looked at theirs....

We were shot being showed what songs had been chosen and we 'picked' with one we wanted to sing. Then they filmed us going over the lines together and practicing a little bit.

Before we left though guess what?.....

That's right! interview time. I was confident this time when I went in and the camera wasn't as close. The problem? I had to fish for words this time and 2 times I didn't understand something. Shame!!! I want to study until fluency and come back and do a few more shows just so everyone will remember my good side!!!

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