Sunday, April 5

Last Day Of Shooting

Well I have waited long enough lol (it's really Apr.08)

So we were too meet at 9:30 outside of a subway stop. I was 3rd. My partner and the other chinese girl were there. My partner was practicing again, bless his heart. I wanted to paint my nails and the girl offered to do it for me since she was a professional. I'm not sure if she was joking but she did a good job.

A van came and got us. We entered a real studio! I thought we'd be performing in some random place. Inside there we were to get our make-up done. I didn't know make-up was so complicated. I was also worried about the products making me a strange light color. The lady did a very good job though. She even put something on my bottom eye lids. I was scared she'd poke me but I suppose this is why she is a professional ;p

We went into the studio to do a practice introduction of ourselves. This is when I found that we were going to do the "quiz" as well....We ate lunch and then got to business. The first thing we did was the introductions. My partner messed up a few times because of nerves but he got the hang of it.
One of the camera guys was taking photos of us and when it was my turn he didn't direct me he just said, "Okay make some good hero poses" ...(I'm sorry I don't think he said hero poses, but whatever he told me, I remember making power poses. Like I was ready to kick butt! Yea haha) In any event I did the poses and he just kept snapping. I was wondering if he just randomly thought I was accustomed to modeling because he just snapped when I moved and I felt like I was modeling. Oh well. I hope the pictures were good, because I seem to have more than the others. Nervous.

So after the intros we changed clothes and came out to perform in front of our English judges. The other group went first. Then us. While we were performing I heard the judges laughing but at the crew was applauding. There was no audience. So when we finished the host asked the judges why they laughed and they said we were...bad...horrible...awful.

I know. I felt bad because my partner doesn't speak english and yet all of these criticisms are being thrown out. Don't worry the host translated for everyone since this is a chinese show. They decided the other team had better outfits so they won.

At that time I thought of 2things. 1 the program picks the outfits so their win was unfair in that sense. 2 Did we lose because I'm American??
They commented on bad vocal skills but the only one out of us 4 who can actuallly sing guessed it. Me. How would it look if I left my partner behind and stole the show? I made sure to miss a few notes so that I blended with everyone else. I know you may think that's stupid, but you have to consider the show. If you have to sing with a non-singing person, I feel that you rudely embarrass your partner if you sing normally. Don't forget this is television.

After that we changed clothes again and did the quiz... It was about England things of course and since we lost we got to answer first. Sadly it was about sports and I had no idea what the anwer was. It turns out that fencing is not an English sport. I had said tennis. Then we were blasted wth cold air. It was funny. It turns out my partner knew the anwer but had no confidence in it....ugh.

The next thing we did was the old fashioned make them laugh game. So my partner and I were trying to make the other team laugh. And with time running out the host came to help. He put a snake on the guy's neck and then brought out a tarantula. But the guy held fast, I think he held his breath actually, and he won the game. The girl laughed so she lost.

In the end the other team ended up inviting us out to spend the money together. I'm not sure if I typed it before but I met some good people through this game show. The only people I could have done without were the judges and the lady host. She was pretty cold. Not just to me but to all of us. I think she's mistaken about how famous she is...not haha

ok i'll finish the day on a different post.

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