Monday, April 20

Cultural Fair Day 2

The next day my Tai Chi teacher wanted some of us to perform with her other classes...We got nervous because we hadn't practiced together before. There were a few groups who were showing off Chinese culture that day too.

While my group was waiting a little girl came out with her adopted mother and they asked me where the bathroom was. I told and the little girl said, "Wow! Your english is veeery goood!" and off they went.
Offense! Didn't she recognize my American accent! I have become soooo patriotic about my background here haha. I am constantly letting everyone know I am American. Especially since one guy from Algeria kept trying to get me to speak some random language. It was then that I decided to let people know that my family is Jamaican! I just don't understand why he kept trying to talk to me!! he didn't even use Chinese!

Anywho. We went out to perform and it was pretty good. People cheered so I didn't feel too out of place. The four people who came with me; we are from the Yanchang campus, so no one at Baoshan knows us. It would have been very uncomfortable if they didn't perform with us.

Actually 4 Baoshan students know me. I met one that yesterday and 3 more called out to me while performing *Big smile!* (I was so glad they remembered me, because I had been thinking about them all.) There was one more person who might remember me but I didn't see him either day. Now that I'm typing this I must admit that seeing them gave me a sweet for sour feeling. Why? They all knew my name!!! Why for the life of me couldn't I remember theirs? I'll tell you. My name is simple! These people all come from random countries that speak random languages!! haha ok. The guy from Laos is easy to remember. Maybe that language isn't too hard.

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Juanita said...

That's one of the reasons why I carry my American passport with me everywhere! I can take it out my purse and show it to all the non-believers who don't think I'm American! I've had to do that several times already!

Sometimes when I'm out and about, guys from Africa and India stare at me hard! It's so uncomfortable! I don't know if they're trying to figure out where I'm from or if they're trying to decide whether or not to make a move!

Saturdays are interesting because when I'm out with my friends, I speak Korean and Spanish instead of English, so people really wonder where I'm from! I was on the subway with Ines (Korean friend, Spanish nickname) and the Indian guy next to me kept staring at us! When I wrote down a sentence in Spanish, then another one in Korean, the guy really got nosy and leaned over to see what I was writing! Good grief! (I was trying to explain a grammar point to Ines.)

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