Saturday, April 11

Banking Between Two Countires

I went out today with the purpose of depositing money in my american bank account from here. Here are things you'll need:

**Only Bank of China 中国银行 can deal with foreign currencies.

**You must bring your passport whenever you're going to change currency, transfer funds or open an account. (People forget it all the time)

**First talk to a worker at the small desk because they are the only ones with the forms you'll need to transfer money. They should also help you out.
Since they will suspect you can't speak chinese they will not really want to help you so they may seem standoff-ish. Most people are embarrassed even if they have good english skills. Ask them if you need help. If you can speak chinese let them know. It saves for you headache.

**As of right now they charge 200元 for transferrs. That's about $30
I use this site before moving money and it's been awesome:

**You'll need to provide your banks address, account number and a swift code. The code will be provided to you when you call your bank. Some banks will have a different code if they don't accept foreign currencies.

**You must know your address here too.

I think that was about it. It doesn't take long.
If you want to know something else dealing with the bank let me know and I'll see if I can find out for you.

[By the way, some people have informed me that they can't post a comment. Regretfully, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you have to sign up to blogger.]

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