Sunday, March 8

The Park

After returning home at about 10pm I ate dinner and went to bed. Not as comfy as the hotel but far better than the dorms.

I awoke to *sings* SUNSHINE! not rain! ( I know the song's not like that but who cares.) I showered and ate breakfast while sitting by Ahyi at her request. I told her about the trip. The downs and the ups. Then I set off to hang with a black girl!!! Yeah!! (I'm glad I'm not the only black girl anymore. She's American of Cayman Island decent.)

We went to the park across the street, behind some stores, from school. We walked around the whole thing to watch the old people play badminton, do some exercise that I think is too graceful to be exercise, do tai chi, and dance. There was even a childrens' area for rides and painting and such.

While taking pictures of a Xin Zhang minority dance, I was pulled in by someone. So we took pictures and danced away! lol Actually I had to have them teach me a bit but it wasn't too hard.

We left there and my friend was approached by...a secret police? He was asking her how she liked China and I was snapping away on my camera and taking videos. This is how I found that he was a secret police. He politely asked me if he was in the photos or footage and please edit him out. If we needed anything call him. Cool.

We went to take pics with a statue and a lady walked her baby to us so we could....I don't really know. I wouldn't walk my baby up to strange but beautiful black girls! haha It was cute anyway. Then a mother and daughter walked in our direction. The girl asked her mom where we were from. The mom said Africa. I had to correct her (no I didn't say Jamaica this time) people need to know that blacks can be American. We talked a bit and the girl was sooooo sweeeeet she called me jiejie [big sister] and asked a few questions. I wish my friend wasn't a complete beginner so they could be mezmerized by her too.

After, we went to see some young boys practicing their WuShu. While taking some video I acknowledged the boys' nervousness in front of the 'cute black girls' and told my friend we should leave.

We ended up going to a bigger park. Century park I think. It was 10 to get in but it was huuuuuge. I think next time I go I'll rent a bike. There were boats, tents, kites, you name it. Families enjoyed themselves.

We were in need of lunch and since my friend has not enjoyed any Chinese food here we went to Papa John's. They messed up my order and a delightful Cantonese elderly couple gave the waiters a piece of their mind for me. hehe They were the one's who reminded me it was women's day!! So we got ice cream at Cold Stone and headed home.

At dinner I talked to the family about my day and they asked me questions about America and then we practiced learning foods and so on and so on.
I went to bed early. School on Monday.

(I've tired myself out. I'll upload pics and Mondays events later. My hind quarters need a break.)

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