Friday, February 6

Pressure Of My Self

This morning I randomly awoke at 6:45AM...not cool. so I went back to sleep. I got up a couple of times more but decided to get out of bed at 8:50. I got ready in 2 minutes cause my class is on the first floor any way.

I get to Chinese at 9:00. (I have it at 9 MWF)
Again I am the only one in the classroom wondering why people never come to class on time. There are only 4 students total and one lives in the dorms with me...
Anywho, we did our presentations (2-3min every Fri.) and then the weekly newspaper article reading. I'm happy we have this kind of assignment because the more I understand the more accomplished I feel. The only thing is, even though I slept well, when the teacher started to explain every word she thought we didn't know or couldn't figure out, I started to drift off. It was sad. haha I don't know why teachers do that anyway. For one these particular assignments come from a Chinese newspaper textbook that picks out the "difficult" words and explains them in Chinese.(oh yeah!) Then the teacher provides an extra paper with the words translated in English. Therefore, there is no reason to explain all the words in the text again in class. (I'd rather work on my grammar skills)

After class I was so drowsy but I decided to eat out with my classmates. (How come none of them can read the menu??) When we got back a lady and a man who work with the foreign students department came to ask if I would like to join them at 8:20Am tomorrow to participate in Lantern Festival activities with the high school nearby....(no, that's too early. yes, i want to experience culture. -_-) I said sure and even allowed them to give me a wake up call. lol

Sadly today is my friends birthday and somehow he let a friend of his plan his party at an expensive all you can eat and drink restaurant...(180yuan=$26.34 ) Then they will go Karaoke or clubbing.

I need to be studying anyway. I have decided to become as close to fluent as native before I leave here in May. Plus I am jobless. No need to randomly spend money when jobless. and.. broke... hahahaha

***I already said I'd go so I will. I'll just be MIA until I feel I deserve to go out again ;p ***

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cocoluvsjapan said...

Aww, oh wow your chinese is going to be soo great! I'm so proud of you girl! No need to compare yourself I wish was there with you. Besides I luv reading yah blogs!

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