Tuesday, December 16

Tibetan ness

I feel like Tibetan food is sssooooo tasty haha I'm gonna miss it so much when I go to Shanghai. Maybe it's because in their hometowns they are used to cold weather, and somehow that results in using spices and flavor in their food lol
Don't get me wrong cause Sichuan food is good but sometimes I feel like it's lacking something. My favorite thing in Tibetan cuisine is....unfortunately i have no idea what they call the dish haha (different language) but they do have potato balls that taste awesome! and potato cakes!!

I really grew to like the Tibetan culture that I got to know at school. I will miss the weekend cultural dancing terribly. because I feel like that is something special. Of course they do it every weekend every year, but for people who love music (me) that is the life!! ;p
i also had a friend who comes to dance every week. I know everyone in her dorm but it seems like they don't like dancing. Oh well I usually dance with her. For some reason the world has put on a bad image to dancing. Not cultural but if I tell people I want to go to a club they are like... Why? and dance hip hop? The truth is because of music videos everyone thinks dancing is a sexual activity, but if we still enjoyed ball room dancing I would be at those clubs the most.
I love gong out to dance but dancing in a routine seems more fun. Anywho, I hope I find something else to enjoy culturally because the impression that I got from the Tibetan people make my heart warm. I will miss them soooo much. Thank You!!

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