Sunday, November 9

Self realizations

I am sorry about the time missed. I was in Beijing北京 and Xi'an西安. Of course I will tell you all about them but first my blurb for today.

I just got back so I decided to go and visit the friends that I talk to just about 6 days a week lol and dive right into my studies.

I went to talk to my friends and they were like "Oh I missed you so much!!" and I even introduced them to one of my friends (who finally wants to start immersing) and one guy was like, "I really like her. She seems sincere." This isn't the only time I feel like true feelings have come out. In America I learned that China was soooo conservative they don't really show emotions, etc. But after being here I realized that they show only the truest emotions I have ever known. Maybe they feel too quickly even. They aren't raunchy with affection like some cultures I know, and I feel truly honored to be around them. haha Maybe the reason they don't say 'I love you (我爱你)' is because we all know it. Just by the way we express our feelings about one another and how we aren't embarrassed to let someone know 'Hey I have been thinking about you.'
(I like how I've unconsciously put myself in their category. Maybe it means I have changed a bit.)

I also did one of my Tibetan Culture essays today. The teacher has told us to make our own topics. 3 pages double spaced due by the end of the semester.
In China textbooks are a rare thing so I could only go off of my notes from this fast paced class and the internet (Heeey!!) haha
I have made the decision to use this method for all of my essays now. I have been doing it wrong this whole time. My essay seems better when I use my own notes and my own personal research. I don't want to use another textbook again! Those authors explain everything in such an uninteresting way...

All right I'll stop here and start the vacation post marathon lol

Love ya!


cocoluvsjapan said...

Nice! Yeah, japanese people are too conservative with their feelings and I decided not to date japanese men anymore because well I'm too loud and direct for them. They also get scared real easily so basically I've been here without dating anyone and you know what I'm actually fine with that because Japan has soo much to do here! Other than that, I've been studying like crazy! I'm starting to get use to the prices here too. I'm glad you're having a great time in China. China seems to fit you and EVERYBODY seems to love you. We truly are blessed sisters to have an opportunity to study abroad. But yeah, after I graduate I want to work in Tokyo fo sho!

cocoluvsjapan said...

one more thing, the japanese people to seem to like my directness because it's a humorous way not in a rude like i want to insult you type thing! So it's a shock but at the same time really funny too hehe

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