Thursday, October 23

Touch the Black Girl!!

You know I don't really mind the staring and coming up to me to say "Hello", but some of these people pet me....I'm like "Am I a new animal?" It's not that bad but some people look like they might be thieves so I make sure to not have anything in pocket and only carry a small bag. I have heard that Tibetans will aggressively ask foreigners for money and...Hey, I ain't rich.


cocoluvsjapan said...

man damn it i hate u!! grr aslojdfalsjfasd more special treatment i see u're having u're self a blast!!

Sha-Dizzle said...

sometimes my students ask if they can touch my hair. i praise them for asking permission, then let them pet away. :)

Anonymous said...

suggestion: change your blog settings so that comments come in a pop up window, it's more reader friendly.

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