Tuesday, October 14

Not The Rich Foreigner

I am definitely not the richest foreigner.

I have been asking about where I can buy a good back pack or purse back pack and some jeans. Why do all of them take me to the expensive shopping mall? The bags started at 500RMB and the jeans at about 430RMB. Which is still a good 60 something in USD!!

So I just went shopping with my classmates so that I don't need to waste the chinese students' time. But shopping for pants is not that easy here. I wear a size 28-30. So finding ones that fit is not a big problem. Its finding ones that look good!!

For some odd reason they just love ironed on wrinkles or huge flowers or extremly shiny mess all over their pants. I was like....I'm black. I know you can see me. lol

Anywho shopping in china is interesting. they like for you to try on clothes one by one. i have no idea why.... it is soooo much faster to just try on a few and find the one you like and get out.
I found a good pair for 69yuan [$10] and even a shirt to match for 19yuan [$3].....yep good old National Day sales. lol

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