Thursday, October 16

Monestary Viewing

Sorry about not updating. It's been a little hectic. Anyway, we went to see 乐山Leshan. The place with the big Buddha carved into a mountain. It was a complete let down. I've read up on all of the places that we'd be visiting this year and I have seen cool things about Leshan online so i was pretty excited to see this 233foot tall, 90 yrs to carve Buddha. But when we got there we just took the boat ride to pass it by. I felt like I had just watched the ending of a movie I'd always wanted to see. So I'm warning everyone, if you ever want to see the Buddha climb it. it's much more exciting. then we went to 峨眉山 Emei mountain. and i went to my first hot spring!! lol they are very nice but only one was really "hot" most were like a heated pool. The funny thing is that people kept asking aloud what country I was from. and one group was joking around saying "I can't tell if that's a foreigner or not" ....yea it was strange. The next day we climbed the mountain to see 3 different temples. I felt like the stairs were endless!!! Of course the next day my legs were sore. The mountain was completely beautiful and the temples were very nice for being hundreds of years old. I went on adventure to see wild monkeys too. I have to find a way to upload them. but videos take a long time so I'll have to wait for a patient day lol Thanks for reading!!


cocoluvsjapan said...

wow hahah there is definatly a difference between the foriengners treatment from china to japan the japanese people are a bit more shy and wow gurl u're style has improved! u're looking very sharp hun!

JamasiaN said...

lol Thank you ma'am. Truth is all my clothes were old and acquiring holes so I'm dressing Chinese style lol

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