Wednesday, October 22

Let's Go To The Movies

I went out with my program friends to see a movie in the theaters. lol Oh yes experiencing all of China in these terms....

So we get to the theater and (as you all should know I already watch Chinese shows and movies in America so I have favorite actors) I see the poster for a movie that one of my favs is in and I tell everyone that we should watch that or one other. (The other looked good but i didn't know those actors) We ended up picking mine because the other one didn't play at night....
I did the translating for the group this time. (It would have been me or the Korean girl YeJin) I guess it's because the others would only respond to my English translations that she tells me "but there are no English subs" and I was soooo happy when I told her "that's ok. we don't want any!" lol i'm lame.

[[Anywho, student discounts here are bomb!! We got half price. That]] [[movie was 60 yuan($ 8.76) and we only paid 30 ($4.38)!!!]]

The actual movie was actually pretty good. This is the first movie that my actor has done. So I expected corny. I was also glad because only YeJin and I are in advanced class, but the lines for the movie weren't to difficult at all...(or was that just us understanding??) haha

We've decided to go to the movies often because even the friends I have in America learn English through watching our movies.

P.S. For some reason when my Chinese friends speak English to me I subconsciously translate it to Japanese. With my American friends I translate it to Chinese....

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